Weaver & Photographer

Helen Oliver

Helen Oliver at work Hokitika Craft GalleryI have lived in Westland most of my life. I grew up on a farm in the hills where the constantly changing light changed the colour and the shapes of the hills as they repeated, echoed and mimicked each other.

Colour and pattern have been a lifelong fascination. Each colour is affected and changed by its surroundings. Shape, pattern and texture repeat and affect the impact of colour. I have used this awareness in the making of hand woven textiles where I have free choice of colour, fibre and structure.

I prefer to use natural fibres because of the way they react during weaving and the way they feel in the finished piece. I love to see a fabric – whether it is a tapestry or a more practical piece – develop from an idea to a finished article, fulled, blocked and changed from separate warp and weft to a thing on its own.

My other passion is photographic imagery. I gained a Diploma in Digital Photography from the Southern Institute of Technology. I make multi layered photographic images for print.